Kulfi is traditional Indian ice cream

AKA a creamier and smoother version of the Western ice cream you're used to! This frozen dessert originated in Northern India back in the 16th century during the Mughal Empire. It's a mixture of dense evaporated milk usually flavored with pistachios, and almonds.

The word 'kulfi' actually comes from the Persian term qulfi, which means "a covered cup".

KULFIis popular throughout South Asia and the Middle East, and from what we've heard, it's the perfect way to cleanse your palate and end your masala-filled Indian meal! In India, you'll find "kulfiwalas" (Kulfi vendors) all around the block, keeping their Kulfi frozen by placing the moulds itself inside this large pot called "matka", which is already filled with ice and salt.

Pretty cool, (pun intended) right?

Why you will love Kulfi

Whats not to love?

It's frozen, delicious, and actually more dense than regular ice cream, so it'll take longer melt. This means more time for you to savor every single bite of smooth, creamy, goodness! We're certain this'll be a game-changer to your usual rotation of cold desserts.

What you need to know

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